"High And Pressurized" lyrics - HANK WILLIAMS, JR.

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HANK WILLIAMS, JR. lyrics - High And Pressurized
"High And Pressurized"

Well it don't take long to get there if you're high and pressurized
It ain't very far from nowhere if you're high and pressurized
And you do a better show there if you're high and pressurized
And the only way to go there is high and pressurized

Now I used to ride in buses and I hated every mile
'Cause travelin' in a Greyhound ain't ridin' in style
'Cause the damn thing's always broke down and the tires'll go flat
I've always been against bussin' 'cause bussin' ain't where it's at


Now I used to invite ladies for a grand tour of the bus
But I look down the hallway and there'd be 15 more of us
That's just one of the problems with a hillbilly bus
But I'm a sophisticated singer now and a member of the mile high club


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