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JOHN LEE HOOKER lyrics - She's Mine
"She's Mine"
(John Lee Hooker)

Keep your hand to yourself, she belong to me
Keep your hand to yourself, she belong to me
All mine, she's all mine
Leave her alone!
Hands off!
Hands down!

All mine
She's my baby
I love her
She's gonna love me
Oh baby
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Now look buddy, keep your hand down, to yourself
It's all mine, all my property
Don't belong to you
Hands down, and eyes open
Oh baby, you're mine
Oh baby, all mine
All mine!

  1. Boogie Chillen'
  2. Sally Mae
  3. Black Man Blues
  4. Hobo Blues
  5. Hoogie Boogie
  6. Weepin' Willow Boogie
  7. Crawlin' King Snake
  8. Driftin' From Door To Door
  9. Catfish Blues
  10. Moses Smote The Water
  11. Huckle Up Baby
  12. Wandering Blues
  13. Hello Baby (Do You Remember Me?)
  14. Notoriety Woman
  15. Let Your Daddy Ride
  16. John L's House Rent Boogie
  17. Bumble Bee Blues
  18. Leave My Wife Alone
  19. Just Me And My Telephone
  20. I'm In The Mood
  21. Blues For Big Town
  22. Stuttering Blues
  23. Down Child
  24. Boogie Rambler
  25. Baby You Ain't No Good
  26. I'm Ready
  27. Dimples
  28. Every Night
  29. I'm So Excited
  30. I Love You Honey
  31. Tupelo Blues
  32. I Need Some Money
  33. Democrat Man
  34. No More Doggin'
  35. Gonna Use My Rod
  36. Whiskey And Wimmen
  37. No Shoes
  38. We're All God's Chillun
  39. I'm Goin' Upstairs
  40. Teachin' The Blues
  41. You Lost A Good Man
  42. Don't Turn Me From Your Door
  43. When My First Wife Left Me
  44. Boom Boom
  45. She's Mine
  46. Frisco Blues
  47. Birmingham Blues
  48. Mini Skirts
  49. It Serves Me Right To Suffer
  50. I'm Losin' You
  51. I Cover The Waterfront
  52. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  53. Let's Go Out Tonight
  54. Bottle Up And Go
  55. Let's Make It
  56. King Of The World
  57. I'm Bad Like Jesse James
  58. Think Twice Before You Go
  59. Mean Mean Woman
  60. Burning Hell
  61. Pea Vine Special
  62. I Got My Eyes On You
  63. Doin' The Shout
  64. Bluebird
  65. Early One Morning
  66. We'll Meet Again
  67. Loving People
  68. Baby Lee
  69. I'm In The Mood
  70. The Healer
  71. Mr. Lucky
  72. I Cover The Waterfront
  73. This Is Hip
  74. Bottle Up And Go
  75. Same Old Blues Again
  76. Boom Boom
  77. Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)
  78. Tupelo Blues
  79. Kiddio
  80. Dimples
  81. Don't Look Back
  82. Up And Down
  83. Mean Mean World
  84. Boogie Chillen'
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