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MUDDY WATERS lyrics - Mean Red Spider
"Mean Red Spider"
(McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters)

I got a mean red spider, and she been webbin' all over town
I got a mean red spider, and she been webbin' all over town
I'm gonna get me a mean black spider, so I can tear her cobweb down

I got a break comin', no need for me to moan
I got a break is sho' comin', no need for me to moan
That's jus' a mean red spider, she's breakin' up my happy home

All right stop this stuff man
Go ahead man

If I don't go crazy, I will surely lose my mind
Well you know if I don't go crazy, I will surely lose my mind
That's jus' a mean red spider, and she jus' bother me all the time

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