"Strictly 4 My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z. (Rvidxr Klvn)" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Strictly 4 My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z. (Rvidxr Klvn)"

Niggas these days is ready to shoot a nigga instead of poppin' a cop
Well these niggas, I'mma tell 'em how it is my nigga
Comin' from my mouth, Strictly For My Raiders

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
This song goes out to the motherfucking cops and to the po-po lice
Wanna see you pop a nigga
Wanna see you kill a nigga, no justice, no peace
Little niggas wanna grab that gauge
Around that motherfucking Blackland
CC where I be, motherfuckers 'round here
Wanna kill a black man

Niggas wanna talk that shit
Always sayin' you a gangsta, but real niggas know you a bitch
Had a couple homies that hit a couple licks
That what you expect when you never had shit
Growin' up in the mothafuckin' slums
With a fuckin' gun to yo mothafuckin' gums
And pop a nigga in his mothafuckin' lungs
Two shots and you dead, yo' little ass is done
Increase with the skill, right now it's fuck how you feel
The way I get to it, you get chills
Niggas they claimin' they trill
All because they rockin' a slug and they grill
Quit faking the phonk
Immortal words, from my nigga Key
Bitch, I could rock a pink shirt
Polka dot hat and still do me
Real nigga to the letter
Goddesses they gettin' wetter
When niggas get outta line with the real
The semi just might bless ya
But coppers wanna take your life
More than you wanna take mine
Lets start a revolution
Everybody grab a nine

This is for America
Bout to put this shit in check
See me with my hoodie on
Just know these crackers wanna grab that TEC
'Cause they feel a threat
Cock that beam and aim it at your chest
No I'm not wearin' a vest
Don't really care, 'cause this life is a test
My soul relieved
Nigga not trippin' I won't spaz
Remember Trayvon Martin
Then I blast on Zimmerman's ass
Its amazing how
They'll lock me up for petty shit
Though I cannot live this life
Like this, but I keep takin' it
Darker the flesh, the tighter the noose
They callin' us coon and they callin' em' goose
Look at my flesh, dig deep in the roots
The shit that I speak is the? of the truth
All these mothafuckas hittin' shipe
Yes, I was born in this world
But since I'm black I'm born with a strike