"A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck" lyrics - DR. OCTAGON

"A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck"
(Kool Keith / John Lindland)

[Kool Keith:]
G mob been drivin' tractor trailer for years
It's true, I've seen him, green Ram
Gorilla drivin' a pick-up truck
70 on the speedometer, 16 gears
Drivin' for 7 centium Mayflower
Peterbilt's rollin', I'm sweatin
I'm about to vomit on the highway
I seen the rearview mirror drivin' towards Texas my way
Him chewin bananas, wearin a bandana
A species, truck runnin' two hundred ki's
Loaded down with produce
Diesel gas with juice
I can't stop, he put his pass up
Runnin' over reindeers
Head on with a moose
Wilson, the tree, runnin' next to the caboose
Big load behind me
I'm lonely, I'm on my CB radio talkin' to goose

Gorillas following me
Gorillas behind me


I'm lookin' for a truck stop
There's nothin' in sight
Tryin' to get up the road with all my might
I'm lookin' at the side angle
Hopin my wheels don't tangle
I opened up the can, I reached back in my sleeper
And grabbed a can of Rango
I was movin fast
He got on fire, the gorilla looked at me and passed
He was on my ass
I looked at my tank, my tank was on E
Runnin' uphill I got slow, my gas got empty
I had enough fuel to duel
He tryin' to pass me
Lookin' in the left mirror, lookin' in the right mirror
I won't even make an error
He's changin left, he's changin right
I cut him off on the side
He's throwin' bananas under my wheels
I'm slidin goin' down those Texas heels

Gorillas lookin' at me
Driving behind me