5-String Banjo Instruction Album (1967)

5-String Banjo Instruction Album (1967) Buy from Amazon
  1. Introduction
  2. Tuning The Banjo
  3. Basic Rhythm
  4. Basic Right Hand Exercise
  5. Alternating Thumb Pattern
  6. Mixing Of Basic Rhythm
  7. Basic Sliding 3rd String
  8. Basic Sliding 4th String
  9. Sliding With Basic Rhythm
  10. Sliding With Alternating Thumb Pattern
  11. Mixing Sliding, Basic Rhythm, Alternating Thumb Pattern
  12. Chorus Of "Cripple Creek"
  13. Hammering On
  14. Hammering Into Basic Rhythm
  15. Forward Roll And Hammering Onto 4th String
  16. Mixing Hammering And Sliding Into The Basic Rhythm Using Alternating Thumb Pattern
  17. Forward Roll Modification And Adding A C Chord
  18. Sliding And Hammering In "Cripple Creek"
  19. Pulling Off On 1st String
  20. Hammer Pull-Offs Using Left Hand
  21. Pulling Off In Basic Rhythm
  22. Push Off
  23. Push Off And Alternating Thumb Pattern
  24. Another Technique Of Sliding And Alternating Thumb Pattern
  25. Advanced Version Of "Cripple Creek"
  26. Variation Of A Forward Roll
  27. Another Roll In "Cripple Creek"
  28. For Forward Rolls
  29. Reverse Roll
  30. Forward And Reverse Roll As Used In "The Ballad Of Jed Clampett"
  31. Combination Of Basic Rhythm, Alternating Thumb, And Reverse Roll
  32. Backward Roll Using Right Hand
  33. Re-Tune Into C Tuning Illustrating 1st Line Of "Home Sweet Home"
  34. Re-Tune Into G Tuning Advanced Left Hand Technique Variation Of Reverse Roll
  35. Adding A Slide On The 3rd String
  36. Forward Roll Putting Emphasis On The 2nd String With Thumb
  37. Forward Roll With Hammer Onto 2nd String
  38. Double Hammer On 2nd String And Adding 1st String
  39. Hammering A Pull-Off In A Reverse Roll
  40. Same Exercise As Previous One Adding Fretting Of 1st String
  41. Basic Waltz Rhythm And Rolling Waltz Rhythm
  42. Basic Rolling And Waltz Rhythm Adding A Slide
  43. Tuning The Tuners To Open G And D Chords
  44. Tuning Procedure In "Flint Hill Special"
  45. Second String Tuner Exercise
  46. Harmonic Chimes
  47. Vamping In Full Chord Positions
  48. Vamping And Rhythm
  49. Chord Chaning With Rhythm
  50. Variation Of Rhythm
  51. Vamping Rhythm And Muting
  52. Vamping Adding A Hammer
  53. Vamping With Bass String Runs Part 1 And Part 2
  54. Vamping An Ending
  55. C 6th Chord Forward Roll
  56. Back Up Run
  57. Boogie Woogie Back Ups
  58. Back Up Run Using The 1st And 2nd Strings While Muting Other String With The Right Hand
  59. Another Fill In Run
  60. Whole And Half Note Chokes