"Timothy McVeigh" lyrics - 1982

"Timothy McVeigh"
feat. Wais P

I put grams in a bag, give em to the fiends
Make it rain, make it flood, New Orleans
My money dirty, but you know my whip clean
It's 'Ology and Wais P the new Isleys

[Wais P]
Watch your wifey, I'm so icy
She just might be, trying to Skype me, and excite me
Ain't a nigga like me, I put bullets where the vice be
Put poison in your ice tea, yo

Imagine the cabbage I get when I go in and spit
I choke a label rep and break his neck for the rep
Put it on tape cassette, DVD, Blu-Ray
We in a new age, computers and bootlegs

[Wais P]
But it's still shooters who move eggs
True heads blow feds do ten legs, home on parole kids
I do my whole bid, my nuts swollen
My right hand frozen from a cold pen

I look at my enemies, like I look at Kennedys
They all dead, warheads, bush overseas
I roll through the block in a motherfucking tank
For heavens sake, give up, guess I'm late
The mass murderer, words in a verse make it worse
Snatch a purse, slap a nurse in a baptist church
My heart with god, mind with money
Crime and honeys, I'm high as the highest Cudi

[Wais P]
I'm Nicholas Cage, I live in a rage
I should be put in a cage, for spitting the gauge
I'm fitting a play, fixing the game
I'm President Nixon in present day, call me a reverend, hey!
Put the gifts in my sleigh, I buy niggas by the beday
Screaming it's my birthday
Kill you are your worst day, put your babies in the nursery
Can't fuck with Wais P and Termanology!

Ripping tubes in my living room, it's almost noon
Banging an Eminem tune about taking mushrooms
I grab a can of spray paint, tag it up for Nanna
It says recipes, Grandma now I'ma finish you Santa
You coming down the chimney I get my Timothy McVeigh on
Spray a bomb like it's Hiroshima
I say it crystal clear, I near the man in the mirror
Prepare for glory my story is gory like a killer