"Big Facts" lyrics - 21 SAVAGE

"Big Facts"

Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?

Mic check, diamonds cost a nice check
Don't bite that, baby give me nice neck
Got a double cup, bitch I'm finna spike that
I'm Slaughter Gang, bitch, we be where the knifes at
I done slowed up, bitch, I be poled up
No role tuts, I drank the real mud
That's my real bud, clip hold a whole dub
Hang with real Crips, nigga, I'm a real Blood
I can make them touchdown when I scream, "Hut"
Lay your bitch face down, that's a real butt
Let me see your tits, baby finna bust a nut
AP on me, doing the chicken head
Yeah, Rollie' on me, doing the stanky leg
Patek on me, Milly Rockin'
You half way, I'm really poppin'
Y'all niggas all cap and kill nothing
Bitch, I'm having mood swings 'cause I ain't sipped nothing
Whole pointers on me, nigga, yeah them big nuggets
Sick and tired of eating noodles, time to flip something

Got a big booty bitch, I'm tryna bag that
12 come, we dropping bombs like Baghdad
Treat a nigga main bitch like a lab rat
Remember selling big grade out my backpack
I done made a couple million off the rap-rap
Run a train on your bitch, she's a nat-nat
Big cajones on a stick, let it clap-clap
I'm the realest nigga doing it and I'm big facts