"Moonrock" lyrics - 21 SAVAGE


Eyes bloodshot, I'm smokin' moonrock
You gon' suck this dick until your jaws lock (Jaws lock)
If it ain't 'bout a bag, then my call drop (Call drop)
I put my baby mama on call block (Call block)
Ten gold chains like I'm King Tut'
Back-ends and deposits, I got paper cuts (I got paper cuts)
I'm countin' up a hunnid, get my dick sucked (Get my dick sucked)
By a ratchet ass stripper with a fake butt (Fake butt)
I can sell crack and I can rap too (Rap too)
When I buy a Gucci shirt, I get the hat too (Get the hat too)
I'm just another nigga out the trap, foo
Bought that bitch a purse so she can hold my MAC, foo
Cruisin' down the street in my Phantom Ghost (In my Phantom Ghost)
Baby mama trippin', so I slapped the hoe (I slapped the hoe)
Went to the park to go and sell a deuce (Sell a deuce)
Pussy nigga tried me so I start shootin' (Start shootin')
Blue lights behind me, damn, who can it be? (Who can it be?)
Woo, woo, the cal county PD
You Instagram gangsters, y'all are not hard (Not hard)
Them Zone 6 niggas love pullin' cards
Red flag tied round my extendo
I was fifteen pullin' kick-doors
When I was thirteen, I took a nigga Nintendo
I used to skip school and smoke indo (Indo)
Broke ass niggas smokin' F pack
If I pull that chopper, you gon' have a heart attack
All these fuckin' shows, got my pockets fat (My pocket fat)
I keep one in the head, it ain't no cockin' back
Slaughter Gang, killin' like Sons of Anarchy
Your main bitch, she gon' suck the skin off me (Skin off me)
I'm so fuckin' fresh it ain't no lint on me
I bought a foreign and it screamin' put some tint on me (Tint on me)