"Fade To Blue" lyrics - 38 SPECIAL

"Fade To Blue"
(Don Barnes, Danny Chauncey, Jim Peterik)

Faded curtain, faded moon, through a broken sky
Staring at a photograph, the ghost of you and I
Those were times, yeah, those were good times that we shared
We thought those nights would never end...

Should've seen it comin', runnin' with a fallen angel
Livin' on a broken promise when the day is through
Tryin' to make a life for us, I only knew it my way
I'm just a shadow on the highway...Fade to Blue.

I hear you cryin' in your sleep
I can feel it 'cross the miles
Love unspoken runs so deep
Like the tears behind your smile
Those were times, yeah, those were hard times that we had
I'd even take them back again...


...I fade to...I fade to...I fade to blue
(Every night I fade to blue)

There'll be times, girl, there'll be good times on the way
I'll always be comin' back again.