"Double Up" lyrics - 50 CENT

"Double Up"
feat. Hayes (Rapper)

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
It is what it is, son, niggas can't stand it
It's my fifth lap, a nigga been round and round the planet
Shorty said 'Welcome to Miami'
Her friends sayin 'Welcome to Miami'
Jet-skies, the yacht, the hawk in the backyard
Back to back Porshes, a nigga go that hard
I love money, nigga this is drug money
Laundromat, spin cycle, make it snow money
Beef nothin' to a nigga, nigga I'm comfy'
Throw a hundred racks on a bitch, I told ya she want me
If I want the ho, I get the ho, fuck the ho then forget the ho
Let a ho be a ho, play the pimp, pay the rent
I'm a fly nigga on or off, yeah I buy fly shit
Presidential rolly nigga tell me now, can you buy that?
I'm the biggest nigga Southside seen since Fat Cat
I tell a nigga suck a dick quick 'cause I'm strapped back

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I make it double up, few blocks of raw
I, I, I did it, I got to get more
I make it double up, baking soda galore
Till we in Bentleys and mansions with marble on the floor
I make it double up
Aye bring me that pyrex
Get the baking soda, the ice
I'mma show you how you do this shit
You think I don't know what I'm doing but I know what I'm doin

[Verse 2: Hayes]
We on the other side of the border chilling with drug lords
Tryin put a order in during the drug wars
Jay said this is what happens when you disrespect one of us
And cut a muhfucka head off right in front of us
That's when I said I'm going back to cali
My man said he going back to cali
I know some Mexicans in Arizona I'm cool with
I'd rather slang that than come and deal with this bullshit
'Cause I ain't gonna budge
Pay me or die g, dog, it ain't no love
Niggas know who they owe
My number ain't changed bitch
Front door service put one in your brain quick
Could've put it right in your chest close range shit
Watch you die slow let you know who you playin' with
Fuck all that swearin' to god, promise and prayin' shit
I ain't a big sob story fan, I'm spraying shit
12 gauge, AR-15, AK'n shit
Passenger seat's gon' get killed, I'm sayin' this princ-i-pals
We don't draw the line at drug dealing, we crim-i-nals
Goin' all out
Before I say you played me I'll go in ya'll house
And get killed there or blow your fucking brains out
You gotta bring your ass to get some
You gotta make cash to spend some
And I ain't a victim mothafucka