AARON NEVILLE lyrics - Fragile World

"Fragile World"
(Aaron Neville)

A fragile world
Everyone's in the path
No one's safe
From its mighty wrath

Tornados, earthquakes
And hurricanes
Forest fires, mudslides
Torrential rain
Heat waves, floods, and blizzards
Melting of polar ice
And if all that's not bad enough humans just wont play nice

There's so much beyond our control
But the things we do
Will surely take a toll
Like people committing suicide
Just to take unsuspecting, innocent lives
Like meteors falling from the skies

Politicians telling lies
Like marvin said oil spilled over our oceans and our seas
I agree with him for saying mercy mercy me
And wanting to know what's going on
I'd like to know where the love has gone

All over these united divided states
There's still so much fear
And so much hate
Will we ever get it together?

On this earth, we're all sisters and brothers
Like martin said, we better live together as brothers and sisters
Or die together as fools
Stop filling our hearts with hatred
Breaking all the rules

We're the higher ups on the animal chain
But some times we just don't use our brains
Most animals kill for food
Man kills in his neighborhood

Nuclear threats all over the land
Man wanting to annihilate other man
Tears for fears said
Everybody wants to rule the world
But it belongs
To every woman, man, boy and girl
We all have the right to share this land
It don't just belong to one man

I don't have all the answers
Don't think anybody does
If there was a cure for cancer
And a whole lot more love
I'll say a prayer before I go to sleep
And ask god for all our souls to keep

A fragile, fragile world
That's all we got y'all
I just want to say peace on earth and goodwill
To everything and everybody
On this one and only planet
Yeah you right