"Still A Regular Nigga" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Still A Regular Nigga"
feat. JaVonte

Longterm is defined as...Fuck it y'all already know

Chyeaa, the long awaited, highly anticipated (L-T-2)
Haha it's human music; nothing more, nothing less
You know what type of nigga I am, I just borrowed a dollar from the homie
I'm back...I know you missed me

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Long Term the sequel, my swisher sweet is equal
My cup is full of brown like the skin color of Hebrews,
And this is not a test, no I'm nothing to mess
With, just find a cliff, and please don't watch your step
You know just what I rep, Top notch to the fullest
And TDE's my fam, for each of them I catch a bullet.
I'm strolling on Del-Amo Boulevard towards the Arco
To get another Black & Mild, my lungs look like charcoal, Yea I know-
Your whip is like one of those in car shows, I still got '09 tags on my Mitsubishi mirage
No gas, need new break pads, new tires to inspire to get money like Arabs.
Jewish lawyers, NASDAQ stock holders
But for now I'm broke, I need a fix, I be borrowin' the homie's clothes to go to events
Just so I'm camera ready when they be takin' flicks, I admit

I'm still a regular nigga, doin' regular shit
Got my regular car, got my regular bitch
Still dressin' the part, in my regular fit
Like being regular is some irregular shit
I ain't changed for shit (no)
Still walking 'round with a pocket full of motherfuckin' change
('m on my regular shit!)
Homie! [4x]

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul
No chain, no watch
No diamonds, no Glock
No rap sheet, no new drop whip, no top
No Gucci, no Louis, no shopping on Melrose
I asked for the bitch number, she looking like "Hell naw"
No record, no street credit, I'm probably in debt
No work, Herb never move right off his step
No G-4s, no clearports, none of that
I got a standby ticket
As for the flight, I just missed it
I'm trying to stay optimistic
In the midst of the struggle
'Cause y'all make it rain, but I just slipped in a puddle
See my life is simple: I rap and smoke weed
Eat when I can, have sex when I need
Grab a fifth of E-
And J and I'm straight
I don't meant to be vane but hey I must be the savior
And if you're playing this tape, you're playing it safe
But I'm getting escorted by the armed forces to home plate (Soul!)
I am only the antonym of fake, if you're antenna is up, then you may feel the same
I see your 24's and them motherfuckers great
I even like the green and red stiches on your J's
The LV on your belt buckle, Audemar arm
Purple label, VIP table, Chandon
Black car, model braud always on the scene
5 Star continental breakfast, presidential suite
But to be the best, do I gotta have those things?
Is that the only way that I'mma make these hoes sing?
Make these niggas feel me and put on my whole team
Shit, that'll compromise my own dreams
A fortune cookie read; I had a future in music
I wonder how many people got that very same message
An A&R told me that I look like a star
And before I let it get to my head, it's best I confess it


Just doing what I do
Just doing what I do
Just doing what I do
And this is Long Term 2 nigga
(I'm doing what I do) Lifestyles of the broke and almost famous
(Just doing what I do)