"Threatening Nature" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Threatening Nature"

Look, it go one, two, three (turn it up!)
The Devil's after me (little louder!)
Four, five, six
She's always throwin' sticks (yeah!)
Seven, eight, nine
She misses every time (little louder!)
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, I'm more than a man
(Aye, aye, yo, man, g-g-get your hand out of my pocket!)

This time around, we takin' atheists to church
Servin' serpents with sermons with curse words
You can do all things through Jesus Christ
All the time God is good and God is good all the time
24/7 all day every week
Numerous funeral services for PaKK music beats
(Do What Thou Wilt)
The front line's behind me and I have no fear
My heart pump the same blood as Jehovah's son
Or Joseph, if you wanna go there
Hail Mary coming up with lies to tell fairies out of nowhere
Can't help my selfish desires
My life is 'bout the vices, nigga (yeah, so)
It could all be so simple, but it's complicated
I go around the whole nation, saying "Stop the violence"
But it's ten times hard enough alone fightin' temptation
Face facts, still wicked as Aleister Crowley
You niggas know me
No, you niggas don't know me, I take that back
Noticed the dead man that's chalked out
On the bottom of the brim
Of my deadline snapback, I used to shop at Lids
But I'm still over niggas heads, like ceilings and bright ideas
I'm just an awkward Carson kid with chandelier up in my shed
My soul on fire, got this threatenin' nature from Ras Kass
An atom is a molecule and Adam was a maricon
But if he would've never ate that apple, he'd be mad sad
And would've never pulled the leaves off of Eve
And seen all that ass
Like a true mack, true that, true that, sit tight
Listen, listen, hear and understand
Or just give me some insight
You get on your knees every night
To pray to a man that you barely understand
Or have even seen with your eyes closed
Then turn around and do the same thing
Get on your knees, then put a ring
On the woman that you wanna call your wife
Somethin' ain't right, yo

(Soul, let these motherfuckers know!)

Way back when I was in grade school, I learned about history
But what about her-story-did anybody ask?
Hm, with all disrespect
I think the American flag was designed by fags
I had it locked before the spotlight
I got a gold key and Benjamin Franklin's kite, nigga, I'm bright
This HiiiPower shit is limitless
You tryna fuck a model
When I'm tryin' to deflower Queen Elizabeth
Just to be precise, who knew that Genesis really meant
The genealogy of ISIS? This shit ridiculous
The chicken came before the egg is my hypothesis, and
This ain't a album, this an algorithm, yeah
We went from pickin' cotton for men in wigs and stockings
To liberation and renaissances-what is this nonsense?!
And we don't speak on sexism much as we really should
The black man could vote before the woman could
You singin' hymns in church, I'm lookin' for the her's
In 66 books in the Bible, they ain't let a lady say one word
Hilary Clinton is out somewhere
Tryin' to get ahead in the Senate
I'm getting head and I'm sinnin', nigga, I'm threatenin' nature