ABSINTHE lyrics - Stare


Tell me its something new
'Cause I don't wanna be used
On this matter I refuse to budge,
'Cause I don't know bout you

I know you're in my hair
I love to watch you stare
But I can't let you go
Let you go away

And we don't understand
Why this shit never ends
But just remember who was there
When you cried I would hold your hand

And I would keep you warm

You must be lost from all the pain
You need to let your body drain

And you will not believe
What you cannot concieve
And now you wait outside my door
Just to hear me breathe

But you will hear her scream

I watched the earth inside
Kneel down, kneel down
The flames are all all gone
Bow down, bow down

I don't know what makes,
You love this
Was it the attention was it,
Pure bliss

You don't know by now
Blood is cold
Ghosts have stolen what
Wasn't sold