ACHERON lyrics - Misanthropic Race

"Misanthropic Race"

Hatred lurks within our kind
Brutal creatures with violent minds
Murder, chaos, crime and rape
Mankind's wrath you can't escape

Humans prey on each other
Betraying trust and one another
Wickedness replaces love
Peace becomes a slaughtered dove

Misanthropic race. misanthropic race.

True anarchy has arrived
Only the cruel shall survive

Anger fused with hate
Berserkers agitate

Harmony nevermore


Misanthropic race

Total bedlam with no law
The cunning life. the feeble fall

Behold the world that we ourselves created
Survival trumps all other things
Insanity is a fine line walked
A prelude to utter madness

Savagery rules these earthly lands
Mercy a long forgotten word
Ruthlessness is a needed attribute
In this next stage of evolution