ACID REIGN lyrics - Never Fold

"Never Fold"

[Chorus 1:]
No matter how long this winding road goes on for, we can never fold.
No matter how high these mountains rise, we gotta keep climbing. [2x]

No hesitation we're takin' a giant leap and leaving
Half steppers eating our dust with a defiant sweep.
This is for my clients, peeps, acquaintances we're tryin' to keep.
Nations that we're tryin' to reach, we're aimin' for the highest peak.
We came to let the science speak to multitudes in dire need
Of wholesome food for thought 'cause this is conscienceness we're tryin' to feed.
Across the 7 seas and 7 continents we fly the breeze.
My band's up in the kitchen with a pan and samples frying beats.
Special herbs and flavorings to savor keep a??
'Cause makin' heaters takes a lotta labor when you fire breathe.
Ropin' up a smiter scared to major in this fire scene?
You can't refuse to art you're just a hater if you try to sleep.
(How you feelin', Beond?) Really I couldn't be better.
I get to feed my people clever rhymes letter by letter.
Over a measurement of music for amusement and pleasure.
I coincide with different vibes and I fuse them together.
I see my plans gettin' bigger, got a new sense of treasure.
I'd rather keep a stiff upper lip than fold under pressure.
My life is too precious to let it roll through the shredder.
You can bet I'm gonna stretch it out. This hungry go-getter
Won't let the dust settle ever, I'll kick it up 'til your sick of us.
But that'll be never because we're passing what you give to us.
Through good rhyme endeavors, close your eyes you could envision us
Movin' on up, that number one spot was meant for us.

[Chorus 2:]
Number one, that's the final destination,
We ain't stoppin' 'til we're reachin' the top, we gotta keep it hot.
Make the party people nod, give the masters what they want,
Multiply the skills we got, break 'em off and feed the flocks. [2x]

I dare to dream fearlessly, see the fearless lead
Compare the link of everything I carry scenes, I'm here to be.
I'm nearly free, I hear the beat, carefully prepare a leech.
Apparently I dare to be and spare the leech with leprosy.
Who's scared of me, I'm?? I'm under where there snares a piece
Sparely for therapy, beware of me, I'm clarity
The clearer speech gets to be I'm?? 'cause everything
He never leaves, I never sleep to get relief, I only sleep to get release.
Picture me with sensory, learnin' with the tintity?
Squirmin' in soliloquies, servin' with abilities
Surfin' through a century, searchin with my energy,
As the epitome.

The numero uno. The addict's at it again,
Compatible with any situation, including sin.
We born to win, no matter what quicksand we in.
The plan fails and we stand and quick plan again,
With every blood cell we clan and band within.
We one body, head, leg, arm, hands, we can.
The new bloodline is here,its time to begin,
The new rain falls like the beginning of men,
And the clouds make it black like Adams skin,
Just look at'em standing there and glistenin'.
We brand new, let the story be told,
No matter how long the road, we will never fold.

[Chorus 2 2x]

This is for those who had dreams and goals
Ever since they were young and wanted to grow to become something
That would make their family proud, not looking for hand-me-downs,
But working toward the future by preparing for it now,
And building on solid ground using common sense.
Ambition and confidence go hand in hand.
I'm tellin' you man to man as long as you have a plan
You can expand. Life is grand, live it up before you give it up.
I let my words flow outta my soul and pour it to yours.
I never force a single syllable, when I'm roarin' its pourin'.
Never waste a breath, owned it by smokin' a taste of death,
But to decompress, trade my tobacco for a success.
Have it laid to rest, ate me a cold turkey sandwich fresh.
Hit my man Express, tan and buff with a massive chest.
I'm the acid chef, cookin' the feast with a magic recipe.
We passed the test, call me a beast, don't be glad you mentioned me.
My state of mind, wide like Willy Shys?
I try to abide why, only to devise thy?
Set bringin' new heights, I choose to brew rhymes.
This is food for thought, so eat right.
I need mics to speak life and insight.
Peace to teach with J beats and beat twice.
I'm the one your little brother wants to be like,
And if your girlie's new for me the she's right.

[Chorus 1 2x]

[Chorus 2 2x]

We gotta keep climbing (oh) [8x]