"My Only Woman" lyrics - AFTER 7

"My Only Woman"

You're the kinda woman
That every guy wishes that he could meet
You're a cut above the rest girl
And it's a fact, you are a beauty queen

The way you love me
Makes my life worth living
You got a special way that touches my heart
You know you're the only
Woman that's ever given
Giving me so much
You are my shining star

[Chorus 1:]
You are my only woman
You are my only girl
You are my only woman
I'm gonna keep on
Good love to you

[Chorus 2:]
My only woman
You're my only girl
My only woman

I will be your lover
Everyday for life. If ya want me to
'Cause girl there is no other
That can do the things that I want to do

Sometimes I wonder
Could it be that I'm dreaming
I never thought my dreams would ever
Come true
Now that I got you
Girl you got me believing
That happiness is mine
Long as I'm loving you

[Chorus 2]

Only one
My only one
You're the one
Girl you're number one
Only one
My only one
My only woman
Number one girl
Oh Baby rock my world

[Chorus 1]

Oh the finest woman I've ever seen
On a movie star and beauty queen
No I can't stop thinking about the way I feel
There's no doubt about it baby my love
Is real
You are the one

[Chorus 1]