AIR SUPPLY lyrics - Don't Throw Our Love Away

"Don't Throw Our Love Away"

Oh I'm just wondering,
Just how you have been
My mind was wondering,
How we might have been

It wasn't meant to be,
The things you said to me
I should have let them go,
I should have let you know

Now it's too late
Stealing my head of
The words that you said
You tried to tell me

Don't throw our love away
You know I don't want to lose you
Don't watch me walk away,
You don't know how much I need you

Once I had everything,
You gave me everything
Somehow I let you go,
And now I'll never know

I could have waited
You were the vision
That I couldn't see
You tried to tell me


And how much is everything
There is only ex-communication

[Refrain 4x]

Don't throw our love away...