AL GREEN lyrics - Too Much

"Too Much"

And now every kiss
And now every touch, is too much baby
I don't want to hold you back

Your smiling face, your lips on mine
Your love divine, oh its too much baby
Listen I wanna say that its, too much
Too much for me, c'mon now

Oh baby, too much baby
Too much for me
I got to say it

Your smiling face, your lips on mine
Talk about a love divine, its too much
Everyday feel like Sunday,
Your smile is something I can't find
It's just too much, I love you too much, just

I can't keep holding you back
Your love is way, too much
Yeah, I said its too much, much
It's too much, hey, hey

I was one step closer
To your arms to mine
I feel your love so divine,
Its just, just, just
Its just too much
I wanna touch you, in my arms
Just one more time
Give me the one, I don't mean no harm
Its too much, too much for me

Oh that love is just to, oh
Its too much, its too much for me
Oh hey, hey baby
Its too much, its too, too, too, too, too