"A Remark You Made" lyrics - AL JARREAU

"A Remark You Made"

I clearly recall the moment
Your face, the rain n' paris...a distant bell

Now inside my head I still recall the moment
There was something that you said...and now

Only now - if somehow I were younger...
Nimble little fingers remember each melody...
Melodies and days that I adored...flower vases,
Cathedral doors.

So long to sailin'...safe by my door...
Too late for some change of mind...
Oh, how would I ever find me?
Through rain and crying you were saying...

Every heart is safe inside a place that
Makes and shapes the changings
Make the change...sail away beyond the wishing star..
Dreamers gettin' armor

Froze in the attitudes
Toasting the latitudes
Old empty platitudes...tossing, turning,
Freezing and burning
Comin' around, settlin' down,
Comin' around, settlin' down, comin' around

Ice cream and thunder...night beasts and butterflies
Most mornin's I'd settle for a little rain

I'll let it in and let it out, I'll blow it over...coda
Start all over again...makin' the bitter end a friend

Play that restless melody for me again
The one I've been, been so afraid of...my sweet friend.
Maybe the little refrain -will-whisper inside the rain
Play the one with all the changes

Some lullabies for sleeping
A lullaby for weeping
And one to teach my heart to fight and win
Singing a sailin'...song
Sun song
Dawn song

Now inside my head I still recall the moment
There was something that you said...

I live inside the moment
Hearing something that you said...

How still inside the moment,
There was something that you said...

Remarkable and wonderful
This something that you said...