"Breakin' Away" lyrics - AL JARREAU

"Breakin' Away"

Look what you've done for me-
You're makin' more fun for me.
Troubadour me, destined to be
Set in my ways-stuck in my daze.

You were the butterfly,
Winkin' at me-
Makin' my fires fly.
Brought me romance,
Taught me to dance-
Makin' me win, makin' me grin.
Schoolin' me.

Breakin' away, your love has
Opened eyes that couldn't see.
Breakin' away, your beacon in
The night discovered me.

Show me some parachutes
(Away, today, sail away)
As long as I'm here, bring me some
Climbing boots.
Open the door, give me some more.

Fasten me in-loosen the pin.
Pull for me.