"Gimme What You Got" lyrics - AL JARREAU

"Gimme What You Got"

We made it through
The stormy weather
We promised we would
Stay together
We fell out of harmony
Singing Auld Lang Syne
But I've just found a
4-leaf clover
So blue the sky all
Over me and you
We are a symphony-
A sunny valentine
Don't resign

Gimme what you got, babe
And I'll be satisfied
Gimme what you got, babe
And love will turn the tide
Gimme what you got babe...
And always sing keep loving me
Forever more

We made a ship to sail the seasons
To conquer all the waves and reasons
Why we never touched the shore
Or found the treasure you adore-
Love's so fine

Ahead of us is stormy weather
We'll cuddle up and stay together
Finally a symphony (will sing)
And sing it one more time.
Don't resign.