AL KOOPER lyrics - Buckskin Boy

"Buckskin Boy"

He is walking through his land with tears in his eyes
He is walking through his land with poison in his skies
He is naked in the mirror sad & stripped & put to shame
And people joke about him but its really not the same to

They have stormed into his valleys
They have laid his people down
They have robbed him of his culture
In the land that he once found
He is wise in the ways of nature
And tired with the ways of Man
He is walking in a vacuum that will never understand

They want to give him half an acre to live out all his years
And everything that is sacred will be sold as souvenirs

And the pipe it has been handed
Down to young ones everywhere
To the warriors of Peace who simply found the need to share
The love inside their souls just the way that Jesus taught
But the battle's always over before it's even fought
God save the BUCKSKIN BOY
God save the BUCKSKIN BOY