AL KOOPER lyrics - First Time Around

"First Time Around"

Oh laughin' lightly it was night time
She held my hand & she took me down
While askin' strangers for the right time
We walked outside the leering lights of town
And slowly as it dawned on me that I'd never be the same
I bit my lip so hard it bled and I softly called her name

With hands as smooth as morning raindrops
She soaked my body head to toe
She asked me "Now?" and I said "Not yet, luv..."
"But when it's time you'll be the first to know..."
And soon the man inside me quickly surfaced to the top
And cryin' out for help I found it much too late to stop

With eyes as wide as lighthouse searchlights
I tried my best to act demure
But she could not contain her laughter
As she told me "All that glitters is not pure..."
And knowing that for certain
It was lost upon the ground
I hope you find it easy
When it's your first time around