AL KOOPER lyrics - (Please Not) One More Time

"(Please Not) One More Time"

When the sun pours down like honey
From the sweet California sky
Than the haze & the smog are both soon forgotten
And it's the very same way with love now
When ya hurt from an old affair
Ya know the pain will disappear when a new love's gotten
Don't ask me why I do it
'Cause you'll only say "I knew it!"
And I'm played just like a fool everytime
Oh but if you know the answer
Than I won't even ask her
'Cause it's hard enough for me to go down ONE MORE TIME

And when it's 7 AM in Vacaville
It's really 10 AM in GA
She said I didn't wanna wake ya up just to warn ya
And so the taillights soon will flicker
And the Georgia sun will rise
But I will still be here in the dark in California
Well I'm a two-time loser
And that could sober up any boozer
Or at the very least make him looser in his prime
Oooh I never even called her
So why does everyone say I balled her
'Cause I don't think I have the energy
To go down ONE MORE TIME

Please don'cha say that it's magic
'Cause it always ends up tragic
The act of love so sweet will soon become a crime
And please doncha make me taste it
Though it seems such a shame to waste it
But I don't think I have the energy
To go down one more time