"Where Are They Now" lyrics - AL STEWART

"Where Are They Now"

I sent my crack divisions through the early morning mist
When they fell on your positions you were powerless to resist
Encircling and probing for the weakness in your lines
By night you were surrounded and your territory mine
I called for your surrender; this you swore you would not do
So I stormed the very fortress that you thought could shelter you
I saw you then upon your knees and turned to give my thanks
To the regiments assembled in their ranks
Where are they now?
Where are they now?

I raised you to your feet and with you hand inside my own
We set off upon a journey, each together each alone
And in the days that followed oh our lives did overlap
I knew the contours of your body like the roads upon a map
I savoured every evening, and you sweetened every day
And just when I was certain it would always be this way
You slipped beyond the reach of my outstretched fingertips
With all the kisses you placed upon your lips
Where are they now?
Where are they now?

I'm sure, You're close
Hey, come shine a light
Here, somewhere near
Maybe just out of sight

I went in search of alchemy to resurrect the dead
And sent my spies to fathom out the secrets in your head
They said they heard your laughter
Ringing through the summer night
In the company of strangers
And your eyes were wild and bright
And though I grew reclusive and my days became withdrawn
I held the banner of our love, now tattered and forlorn
And thought that it would one day fly above us once again
To do this, I had my reasons then
Where are they now?
Where are they now?

I'm sure, you must be close
Once again, bring the light
Here, very near
Oh you're just out of sight

Perhaps there are some passions that are tempered by the years
You reach accommodation, the intensity recedes
Some of that occurred to me the time I saw you last
Your face familiar in a way, your voice out of the past
Every gamut of emotion shared from tenderness to rage
Fell away between us in the turning of that page
It seems like only yesterday we swore that we'd be true
Two innocents believing that they knew
Where are they now?
Where are they now?
Where are they now?
Where are they now?