ALBERT HAMMOND lyrics - From Great Britain To L.A.

"From Great Britain To L.A."

We came from Great Britain to L.A.
Where the groups from England play
Swing Auditorium, Hollywood Palladium, Civic Hall

She said she had a house up in the hills
Lived on orange juice and pills
California, sweet California, bless you all!

California tastes so good like coffee should
I can't put it down, but that's not all
If only they had soccer here, Watney's Beer
And the BBC, and the Albert Hall

I think, I might think of settling down
In this easygoing town
With a good woman, with a good woman just like you

I just wanna lay my head beside you
On the water bed, won't you lay me down
Help me to forget about tomorrow
And the early plane to another town

I came from Great Britain to L.A.
Must go back the other way
California, so long, California, I'll be back!

Yes, I'll be back!