"From Great Britain To L.A." lyrics - ALBERT HAMMOND

"From Great Britain To L.A."

We came from Great Britain to L.A.
Where the groups from England play
Swing Auditorium, Hollywood Palladium, Civic Hall

She said she had a house up in the hills
Lived on orange juice and pills
California, sweet California, bless you all!

California tastes so good like coffee should
I can't put it down, but that's not all
If only they had soccer here, Watney's Beer
And the BBC, and the Albert Hall

I think, I might think of settling down
In this easygoing town
With a good woman, with a good woman just like you

I just wanna lay my head beside you
On the water bed, won't you lay me down
Help me to forget about tomorrow
And the early plane to another town

I came from Great Britain to L.A.
Must go back the other way
California, so long, California, I'll be back!

Yes, I'll be back!