ALEX CHILTON lyrics - Lost My Job

"Lost My Job"

Lost my job now I can stay out all night long
Fired me from my job people
I m gonna sleep all day long

Lost my job guess I gotta go steal and rob
Oh well, I cry every day and I rock and moan
Jump and shout my boss still put me out

Lost my job Oh-o-ah My job is gone
Think I ll stay on tomorrow and boggy all day long

You know I used to work here and there
And then I worked around
My reputation is shot all over town

Lost my job woe is me
Think I ll stay on tomorrow
And watch a little tv
Ok boys lets go get fired

3.35 an hour, 100 dollars a week
I go get me another job
Lost my job oh-o-ah Fired for sure

If I don't get me another job soon
My might be kick me outdoors