"Get Rich In The Hood" lyrics - ALMIGHTY JAY

"Get Rich In The Hood"

Judge locked up my dog, I hope he get an appeal
And it hurt that he locked behind walls, but I know how it feel
Been had that feeling since I signed that deal
I'm hurt inside, my hood proud of me still
I wish that I could just show 'em the real
Had to pay back two before I made my first mil'
I'm supposed to give the hood hope (Hope)
And they saying, baby, I'm the neighborhood G.O.A.T (G.O.A.T.)
Same niggas that I hooped with at Carver (Carver)
Probably look at me like a target (Target)
Hope they don't try nothing next time they see me, 'cause I got no choice but to spark 'em (Baow)
Only nigga stayed ten toes from the jump (Jump), probably my cousin little Marty (Yeah)
I tried to put niggas on and nobody didn't fuck with us, so they say I didn't do nothing for 'em
I asked some niggas to listen and they closed their ears on me, so I put diamonds in both of 'em
I can go out of my way and buy niggas the boat and they still gonna ask me to row for 'em
I done told niggas yes too many times that they probably gon' kill me next time I say no to 'em
I love my brother to death, if he didn't have no legs, then he know I would walk to the store for him
I used to dream about diamonds, now I got money, I had to go put 'em on both arms
I used to dream about Chyna, told my niggas when I make it that I'ma fuck both of 'em (Both)
Fuck the club up when the check clear (Check clear)
Then we did the same shit the next year (Next year)
And the next year (Next year)
And the year after that (And the year after that)
They said it was smoke, so I dropped the bag on 'em and they went and got 'em, it's clear after that (Baow)
If a nigga said that it's up with me (It's up) and it's stuck (Stuck) with me, he disappeared after that (Yeah)
She took the bottle, start driving the boat, and then she took a Perc', she can't steer after that
This industry full of lame niggas and rats (Rats)
Thinking they lit off their Spotify stats (Yeah)
I never fucked with niggas in the first place except my niggas, I'm standing on that
I was supposed to be at the top of the charts, I start blaming my label for holding me back (Yeah)
They had me fucked up
How the fuck I had a gold mixtape and went back to the hood and I started selling drugs?
How the fuck am I the neighborhood hero, then I turned to the neighborhood plug? (Yeah)
Niggas I grew up with started dissing me, it made it hard to show my neighborhood love (Yeah)
Bitches thought they could start taking advantage of me and it's fucked up, I'm misunderstood, yeah
Before I go out like Pac, I'ma go out like Suge, yeah
And before I go broke like Joc, I'ma get rich in the hood (Hood)
I'ma get rich in the hood (I'ma get rich in the hood, yeah)