"Panda (Freestyle)" lyrics - ALMIGHTY JAY

"Panda (Freestyle)"

I got thots in Atlanta
I got three hoes, call me Santa
[?]my pajamas
[?]in the slammer
Paparazzi pull out cameras
Blow out your [?] like a candle
In the trap with a hammer
Bad bitch, she a dancer
[?]wearin' panties
I ain't finna beef with trannies
My plug got the bricks for the low
Like a handyman, so I call her Manny
I fucked that bitch, then got out
Tell that bitch: Keep my [?] on the mouth
Like [?] hoes to doubt
Now I got cash, I see where they
Black and white Benz like a panda
Bitch named Miranda
Hang with credit card scammers
Your diamonds