ALVIN LEE lyrics - Friday The 13th

"Friday The 13th"
(Alvin Lee)

I Don't Know If I'm Right Or Wrong, But I Didn't Do
Can't Relate To Ability, So Much Space And Room In Me
All The Things That I Can't Believe, All The Things That I Can't Conceive
Trouble Mounting, Under The Sea

There's Thoughts That I Can Find, Hidden Deep Inside My Mind
Seems That Everything I Saw
Are Just Memories Left Behind Me Now

I Can't Live With Reality
Cut My Chains And Set Me Free
Try To Lose Everything I'm Told
I Don't Buy, Everything I've Sold
Till, I'll Be Passing By
All The Pain, And All The Strife
Trouble Mounting, Friday 13

Those Memories Seem So Tall
When I To Learn Them All
Wished That
Are Just, Call On Me
It's Friday On The 13th!