"Lovesick I Remain" lyrics - AMANDA SHIRES

"Lovesick I Remain"

There's no way you know it
But I been thinking about you
Days upon days turning silver
It's all I know how to do
Just thinking about you

There's no distraction not a person or a trip
No books and no bombs just this tick ticking
The thought of your impossible eyes
And how they get caught up so high
I can't reach to get you off of my mind

I like to think that this happens
That you're out there wanting me too
It's like I've been sewn to the walls of my room
Can you say that you're feeling it too
And you're out there wanting me too?

'Cause I've tried lots of things
From poison to shopping
Potions of marigolds
But it's still your name dropping
You're permanent I think like promises and ink
And I still can't see how to get you off of my mind

It's the same old sky
It could be so much more with you
Star after star I'm so bored with the stars
They're really nothing new
Nothing's new without you
There's no thinking positive
And there's no good ending
We're on two different planes
Heading in two different directions
I got your number but I don't have courage
And if I did for a second I'd call you up
And I'd say something about how lovesick I remain...