"Battle For Light" lyrics - AMORPHIS

"Battle For Light"
(Pekka Kainulainen / Santeri Kallio)

She robbed the moon from the sky
Derailed the sun off its course
Inside her mountain enchained the light
She took the wisdom for her own

The sun no longer shines on us
No silver moon reflects
The stars no longer give their light
To help us find our path

I'm thrown on barren wastelands
In feverish swamps I'm lost
I stagger through white-rimed lands
I drown in diseased black mire

I fight the forces, forces of dark and cold
Upon the witches I cast my spells
I strike with a sword, touch with a feather
And sing my song into the night

Beyond the heaven, the highest one
The god supreme smites with his sword
Into the sea falls fiery star
A pike of deep swallows the spark

Skyforger, come to my aid
The Magicsmith, by my side
Daughter of creation
The tiny man from the sea

Ilmatar the ancient
Mighty ocean-dwarf
Skyforger by my side
Thunder and lightning

We find the hidden moon
Release the mountain-bound
We light the wisdom of the heart
The sun dawns anew