"Shaman" lyrics - AMORPHIS

(Esa Holopainen)

Mother wept for her son
She wept and sang
Anxiously pondered fate
His and her own

A sun's ray, in through the eye
Glimmered in the room of mind
Changing the woman shape
Sorrow fled her face

From the shaman into shaman

From the chimney a witch flew out
Shaman dived across the sky
Under her the woods and lakes
Till she saw the Northland gates

I've come for my son, where is my son?
I accept no lies, no falsehood or deception
I send you plagues unnumbered
Destruction upon your house
I lay to waste your treasure
I slay your fairest daughter

The queen of north told of the way
The road to river black
Impossible and incomplete
The path of no return