"What About The Love" lyrics - AMY GRANT

"What About The Love"
(Kye Fleming, Janis Ian)

I went to see my sister
She was staying with a friend
Who had turned into a preacher
To save the world from sin
He said "First deny your body,
Then learn to submit
Pray to be made worthy,
And tithe your ten percent"
I said "Is this all there is,
Just the letter of the law?"
Something's wrong.

I went to see my brother
On the 32nd floor
Of a building down on Wall Street
You could hear the future's roar
He said "Here we make decisions,
And we trade commodities;
If you tell me where there's famine,
I can make you guarantees"
I said "Is this all there is,
Power to be strong?"
Something's wrong.

Something's wrong in heaven tonight
You can almost hear them cry
Angels to the left and the right
Saying "What about the love
What about the love
What about the love?"

I went to see my neighbor
He'd been taken to a home
For the weak and the discarded
Who have no place to go
He said "Here I lack for nothing
I am fed and I am clothed,
But at times I miss the freedom
I used to know"
I said "Is this all there is
When your usefulness is gone?"
Something's wrong.


I looked into the mirror
Proud as I could be
And I saw my pointing finger
Pointing back at me
Saying "Who named you accuser
Who gave you the scales"
I hung my head in sorrow
I could almost feel the nails
I said "This is how it is
To be crucified and judged
Without love."

[Chorus 2x]