"Between The Cheats" lyrics - AMY WINEHOUSE

"Between The Cheats"

I would die before I divorce ya
I'd take a thousand thumps for my love
'Cause you kissed a lucky horseshoe
Stuck it in my boxing glove
Does anyone who will listen up
To our victories and dumb defeats
Knows they all take you to the cleaners
If you come between the cheats

1-Between the cheats
Between the cheats

My husband is the finest handsome hustler
And he still makes this housewife blush
So I go with him, my hand flicks
I'm sitting on the royal flush
Women drink him in, swim in him with green eyes
Then go home and catch the chips you've got
And here maybe two, oh, two bottles of
The jack of hearts is my jackpot

'Cause we all have to lock eyes
And I know is my heartbeat
There's a winning secret to both
And it's sworn between the cheats