"The Car Accident" lyrics - AMY WINEHOUSE

"The Car Accident"

My man is in a car accident
He really did mean all the things he meant
He in the emergency room
Looking crazy like a fool
Shit I oughta shoot him with my gun
Boom, boom!
Ray you know you treated me wrong
This is why I am singing this song
Boom boom
There he goes with one leg
Pushed him down in the tub
Made him sleep there
When I was in my bed
Didn't need no man

Standing up on me
This morning he had a wheelchair
With one leg
I didn't care
My man and me bout split up
'Cause we ain't nothin' but some nasty spit up
Uh uh
No no
Go out with that h-o
Uh uh
Hell no
Please leave and get out with your hoo