"Meet Me Here At Dawn" lyrics - ANDREW BIRD

"Meet Me Here At Dawn"

The empty tank is us
Expired milk is us
This is a test of trust
Meet me here at dawn

So, jump the wooden fence
Run past the speckled hens
If you had any sense, you'd meet me here at dawn

Find the memory, erase it from your mind
Just give it up, just give it up
Our friends and family will all get left behind
We'll give them up, we'll give them up

I'm gone, this light is shot
Whether you come or not
I think you know you ought to meet me here at dawn

Find the memory, confront it like a crime
Just, beat it up, just beat it up
Your close and precious things, we'll leave them all behind
Give them up

Forge the painful past
Let go of all the grass
This is the last I'll ask
To meet me here at dawn