"Can Anybody See You" lyrics - ANDREW GOLD

"Can Anybody See You"

How can I stay
When you don't want to know me?
You only see what you can alter

You want control, I just don't know
Why you think it's mine to give
It's things like that I can't forgive

Can anybody see you?
Can anybody feel you?
Can anyone get through to you at all?

You want to make your little sacrifices
Into a reason to get, get colder

Can't see the sun with blinkers on
You'd love to rewrite history
Like the truth would make you bleed

Ignorance is bliss
In all your tales, there is a twist
Yes, I got written out a long, long time ago

Ah, you've left no place
For me to show my face
If I'm not welcome as I am
How can you invite me in?