"Love Made Me Do It" lyrics - ANDREW GOLD

"Love Made Me Do It"

Good evening officer - how ya doin'
Ain't it a mighty fine night
What's that you're saying'
I didn't quite catch it
Clocked me at 95?
What's that you got there - a breathalizer?
Say I was swervin' lanes?
Before I take a puff and you slap on the cuffs
Just hold on and I'll explain

Love made me do it
That's all there is to do
Don't blame me
It ain't my responsibility
Well love made me do it
Talked me into it
Thought it ain't much use
I got a good excuse
Love love love
Made me do it

Good evenin', honey - you won't believe it
There seems to be a big mistake
What's that you're sayin'- it's 2:30?
How come you're still awake?
Well anyway, now - me and the fellas
Were discussin'where I needed to go
Soke kinda late-night place to get your birthday cake
And I was in a rush to get back home

Hey, your honor - how ya' doin'
Ever have one of those nights?
What's that your sayin' - no, you haven't?
Wll'you must be livin' right
Don't mean to be so - disrespectful
But I must disagree
Before you send me down to thirty days downtown
It didn't have a thing to to with me