"Pharaoh Story" lyrics - ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER

"Pharaoh Story"

Pharaoh, he was a powerful man
With the ancient world in the palm of his hand
To all intents and purposes, he was Egypt with a capital E
Whatever he did he was showered with praise

If he cracked a joke then you chortled for days
No one had rights or a vote but the king
In fact you might say he was fairly right wing
When Pharaoh's around, then you get down on the ground
If you ever find yourself near Ramses, get down on your knees

A Pharaoh story, a Pharaoh story

Down at the other end of the scale
Joseph is still doing time in jail
For even though he is in with the guards
A lifetime in prison seems quite on the cards
But if my analysis of the position is right

At the end of the tunnel there's a glimmer of light
For all of a sudden indescribable things
Have shattered the sleep of both peasants and kings
Strange as it seems, there's been a run of crazy dreams
And a man who can interpret could go far, could become a star

Could be famous, could be a big success

Could be a star