"There Is More To Love" lyrics - ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER

"There Is More To Love"
(Don Black / Charles Hart / Andrew Lloyd Webber)

There is more to love
So much more
Than simply making love -
That's easy

Gazing into eyes
Pretty eyes
Which could be any eyes -
That's crazy

Hands are just hands
A face is just a face...
They come and go -
They're easy to replace...

There is more to love
So much more
Than moon-struck escapades -
That's nothing

There is peace of mind
So much peace
In quiet company -
That's something

Everyone but him
Seems wrong for me...
Every time I feel
There has to be

If I could hear
The music I heard then
I'd never let
It fade away again...

Now each time
Love reaches out to me
I can only feel
There has to be
So much more
To love...

There is more ot love
So much more...