"Jealous" lyrics - ANDY BELL


I will see you
In some time and space
For the light you held
In my heart

Sugar cane and jealousy
What a scene
Will I burn in hell?
Will I live to see the day?
You leaving me in ecstasy

I try to visualise
Imagine myself in the same position as you
It was my decision to let you
Know where I was going
I did it to wind you up

I keep no secrets from you
Everything is out in open
And who I slept with last night
It makes no difference to us

It can't be easy
To keep your sense of self control
I know if you were the one
Who was sleeping round
I could not keep my feelings to myself
I'd be as jealous as hell

Your heart was broken
When I walked into your world
I fear to tread
Where your tears dare to hide

I try to seize you
And make it happen on the spur of the moment
It can't be easy to live with me