ANDY PARTRIDGE lyrics - Night Of The Comet

"Night Of The Comet"

A one-eyed astronomer gets a sty in his eye the night of the comet. His attempt to view comet through a telescope with a jagged eye-piece provokes much mirth. Where's Orpheus? Orpheus enters with a new eye for the astronomer. Drop it. He drops it. Eat it. The dog eats the eye. Act 1, scene 1. Scene where Orpheus charms dog with song so astronomer can recover eye.
Dog makes deal. If he and his friends can tear Orpheus to pieces astronomer can have the eye. Night of the comet. Comet enters, tail first, incinerating everything. The dog? The dog incinerates. The moist eye survives to drain the light from the comet and project phantoms on the smoke of Orpheus's childhood in Thrace. Not a dry eye in the house. End it.