ANDY PARTRIDGE lyrics - Sonic Boom

"Sonic Boom"

Mum and Dad are at work today. Those cats are out and this mouse must play. Plug in the pedal to the small grey amp. Bring down your heel on the button stamp. Sonic boom, sonic boom. Sonic boom goes the nuclear noise from my cheap axe. Boom ripping up their slippers, pipes and slacks. Boom I'm supplying all this dead town lacks. Boom all the boring stuff they stand for quivers and cracks. Sonic boom. Well they're born old they won't understand and they don't seem to have the noise thrill gland. Push in the jack plug to the socket ring. Hammer down the plectrum on the string and bring. Sonic boom. Sonic boom. Sonic boom goes the killer chord from my guitar. Boom with the sound of an exploding star. Boom as their universe is torn apart. Boom from the speaker in my dreaming teenage heart. Sonic boom.