"The Rotary" lyrics - ANDY PARTRIDGE

"The Rotary"

I'm warning you, I'm warning you now
Look out below, and watch the holy cow
It's the rotary
I told you not to spin your top
Unless the magic marbles drop because
The rotary
It's in, the rotary, the rotary, oh
Heard you got a top
It's a brand-new spinning top
Well, that's out, this is the rotary, the rotary
This is a thing that's definitely gonna make
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band look bad!
I thought they held a debate but i'm talking to you about
The rotary
People would they come approaching
Twirling Twirling Twirling Twirling
The rotary
You can jump in, I can jump in, everybody can jump in
Rollin' armadillo, taking home
The rotary The rotary The rotary The rotary
It's the thing that's for me and you, ooh ooh, the rotary
I can see them, precision and lining up
For their number, they're going crazy, they can't get enough of
The rotary, yes-sir-ree, the Ro-ta-ry.
Turning Turning Turning Turning Twirling Twirling Twirling
They're all burning up burning up burning burning burning
With the rotary
Yesiree, the rotary
I shouldn't want you to get this confused with any other dance club because
This is the one.
The rotary
You'll be burning all your clothes and you'll be burning all of your jewelry
You'll be the rotary
It's something like anarchy, yesiree, it's the rotary
The rotary the rotary the rotary the rotary R-O-T-A-R-Y Rotary the rotary
You wanna do it, do it with me
You wanna do it, do it for free
The rotary
Go ahead Terry, play the rotary
How d'ya think [he/it] got the second half of [his/it's] name?
Terry is the last bit of Ro-tary. Rotary!