"The Only Road" lyrics - ANDY SUMMERS

"The Only Road"

The world was given by his hold grace
The hand of god must touch upon that place
We can't allow that kind of primitive
Show them the book and teach them how to live

Their words were strange we didn't understand
Two men in black who had a holy man
They said that we must hear their sacred verse
We didn't know if we were blessed or cursed

They said they'd come - they would build a road
We'll burn your trees down we'll give you clothes
Teach your children how to read and write
Our God will watch you each and every night
We didn't want their God we had the sun
Our spirits moved inside of every one

They were sleeping

They runed their light upon our innocence

Gave us pain - gave us no release
We offered flowers to our spirit guide
Can you help us for me must decide

Are we sleeping

The answer came we heard it in the wind
These men have lied and you have never sinned
They're men like you - they know no better way
Give them to me upon their seventh day

When they're sleeping

And so it happened on the seventh night
When the moon was shining high and bright
Our people took them like the message said
Our spirit happy that their god was dead

Now they're sleeping