ANDY WILLIAMS lyrics - Gigi


There's sweeter music when she speaks, isn't there?
A different bloom about her cheeks, isn't there?
Could I be wrong , could it be so
Oh, where, oh, where, did Gigi go?

Gigi, am I a fool without a mind?
Or have I merely been too blind to realize, Gigi
Why, you've been growing up before my eyes,
Gigi, you're not at all that funny awkward little girl I knew.
Oh, no, overnight there's been a breathless change in you.

Oh, Gigi, while you were trembling on the brink
Was I out yonder somewhere blinking at a star?
Oh, Gigi, have I been standing up too close or back too far?
When did your sparkle turn to fire and your warmth become desire?
Oh, what miracle has made you the way you are?