ANNETTE HANSHAW lyrics - That's You, Baby

"That's You, Baby"

I heard it intimated
That if you were syndicated
You'd be appreciated more, baby

But this is my reaction,
Addition and subtraction
Have proven to a fraction
I love you

Take a little honey
Add a smile so sunny
Who's your little honey
That's you, baby

Take a bunch of sweetness
Add a lot of neatness
Who's that bunch of sweetness
That's you, baby

You are perfection to a tee
After inspection
I can see
You for me

Take a bashful baby
Add a little maybe
Who's you're little baby
That's you

Who's that certain party
Why that's you, baby
Who's that handsome devil
That's you

Take the one that I love
Add a lot of my love
That little baby is
Nobody but you